Weight Loss Niche Domination Review

Weight Loss Niche Domination Review

Welcome to my Weight Loss Niche Domination review where i’ll be showing you everything you need to know about this!

Hey there! My name is Jonas Lindgren, and to be completely honest I wasn’t sure whether I was going to make a review of this product at all. Most of my product reviews are in the mmo niche and based off of the name of this product, I had a feeling this was more..well, health related. I decided to take a quick look at it however, and, long story short..welcome to my Weight Loss Niche Domination review:

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First of all, that headline..

Weight Loss Niche Domination Review

Weight Loss Niche Domination Review

This seems like a pretty wild claim, and for most people, even those taking massive action, I would say “fortune” is highly exaggerated.

I’d say a fairly realistic income from this if you do everything that Lee teaches you inside of this course, is somewhere between $1000-$3000/month.

Obviously, if you take massive action and spend tons of time on this you can make a lot more, but for most people just doing the bare minimum of what’s taught in the course..it’s unlikely you’ll make more than 3k/month anytime soon at least.

That’s still not bad at all though, so let’s check out the members area and i’ll explain what you’ll learn inside!

Weight Loss Niche Domination Review

Weight Loss Niche Domination Review

Part one is a video that is roughly 45 minutes long, where Lee will show you step by step how to set up the pre written emails that are included if you purchase the whole Weight Loss Niche Domination for $27 (you’ll have three options on the sales page, two will be cheaper but not include everything mentioned in this review)

If you choose to get the cheaper version you should still take a look at this video, since you’ll see how Lee is writing his emails and that is something you’re going to learn.

The second video is called “plug in your links” and it’s pretty self explanatory so I won’t talk about this much. Lee will explain how to put in your own affiliate links/links to your own website in the emails.

Video 3 is about producing your lead magnet, which again, if you pick this up for $27, will be included so there will be no additional work for you expect to pretty much just connect everything, which is super simple.

Video 4 consists of several videos and is, amongst other things, about creating a logo for your new website using a free logo creator, setting up your website and adding social accounts.

The fifth module is about welcome pages, squeeze pages, thank you pages + a few more.

These pages are all really easy to create, don’t worry. A squeeze page, in case you’re not aware, is a super simple page where there’s usually just a headline, perhaps a picture and a form where people can enter their name and email. The other pages are really short too.

The sixth video is more about setting up your blog, video seven is about setting up something called “IFTTT” which stands for If This Then That, and in short what it does is this:

When you make a new post on your WordPress blog, IFTTT automatically posts on your twitter/pinterest/facebook/weebly etc for you, saving you a lot of time.

The remaining videos are about creating video blog posts, posting content and getting traffic.

The traffic bit is the most important one and around half way through the course I was starting to get a little worried that it wasn’t going to be mentioned at all (which would have made this course completely useless) but luckily it’s covered, and it’s good as well.

I won’t give the traffic method away, but i’ll say it’s free, it has to do with social media and it’s very easy to do.

There’s a couple other things I didn’t mention in here as well, but “in short” this is what the course is about.

Weight Loss Niche Domination OTO’s:

Mentioned on the sales page, but here they are for your convenience:

Weight Loss Niche Domination Review

Weight Loss Niche Domination Review

OTO 1 is $47 or $19.95, depending on which option you choose
(well explained on the sales page for this upsell)

OTO 2 is $197 for lifetime access or $27/month.


You’ll get all the bonuses mentioned on the sales page, two of them are courses from Lee that i’ve previously reviewed that I really liked:

Weight Loss Niche Domination Review

Weight Loss Niche Domination Review

You’ll also get my own award winning course called Lindgren’s Lazy Method, where I show you how I rank videos on Google/YouTube + some cool unannounced stuff 🙂

If this sounds cool, you can pick up your copy (and get my bonuses) here:

Thanks for reading or watching my Weight Loss Niche Domination review I hope you liked it.

Any questions, let me know in the comment section below, or send an email to
jonas__lindgren(at)hotmail.com (two underscores!)

/Jonas (learn more about me)


Weight Loss Niche Domination is a great course if you want to make money from something that doesn’t involve the mmo niche.

You’ll learn how to set up a website, how to get content to it, how to monetize it and much more.

Just don’t expect to “make a fortune” because that most likely won’t happen.

Final score: [yasr_overall_rating]

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