Hey everyone,

My name is Jonas, and I’d like to give you a warm welcome to my review of Philip Johansen’s product called 7 Figure Accelerator.

This coaching/training product is MASSIVE, and therefore I’d like to warn you right away:

This will be a very long and detailed review, so go get yourself a cup of coffee/your favourite beverage before you start reading/watching.

Also, make sure you read the whole review.

Towards the end of it, I explain the bonus you’re going to get if you decide to buy 7 Figure Accelerator from this page.

The bonus itself is a product i’m currently selling for the same price as 7 fig acc itself, and it’s something that is making me $500-$2000/day completely passive, so be sure you don’t miss out on that!

Alright. Ready?

Cool, let’s go.

First of all, I’d like to show proof that I actually purchased this product and that I am an actual real member:

With that out of the way, there’s just one more thing I’d like to do quickly before we dive into whether or not I think you should invest in 7 Figure Accelerator, and that is to quickly introduce myself.

Who is Jonas Lindgren?

My name is Jonas, and I’ve been doing online marketing since 2014.

I’ve tried pretty much everything you can think of when it comes to generating traffic and sales.
Solo ads
Bing ads
Google ads
Facebook ads
YouTube ads
Uploading videos to YouTube to try and rank them at the top
Search Engine Optimisation

You name it, I’ve tried it.

And I’ve had some pretty decent success, too.

There are other people who have done far more than me in sales, but I’m still happy with my results.

Overall since I started back in 2014, I’ve made around $800,000 in profit.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I think it’s important that you know that I’m not a beginner.

When we get into the actual review of Philip’s product, rest assured that I’ll be able to spot potential bs and can tell you what it’s really like.

Speaking of..let’s get started, shall we?

What is Philip teaching in 7 Figure Accelerator?

According to the sales page and the information I got when I talked to Philip himself before I signed up he’s teaching you how to get completely free traffic from Instagram and TikTok, and he’s also giving you a complete done for you funnel that you can send the traffic to in exchange for 4 figure commissions (more on this later in the review)

To be honest, before I joined I was skeptical about some of the claims.

Potentially hundreds of thousands of views on your videos on brand new TikTok/Instagram accounts, and sales within days?

I realised quite quickly after joining however, that he wasn’t making any of it up.

Inside of the Facebook group that you get access to when you join, you will see people post results on an almost daily basis.

One student, Berta, has currently made just under $100,000 in around 100 days doing exactly what Philip teaches, which is just mind-blowing.

It’s not just her though, I see tons of people in the group get crazy results within days of getting started.

Let’s dive deeper:

What Does The Members Area Look Like?

There’s a total of, wait for it..328(!) videos in the members area.

As I said in the beginning of this review, the product is truly massive.

Don’t let this scare you away though, a ton of them are motivational videos and other juicy stuff.

The actual main content that shows you what you have to do in order to get to $10-$30k/month won’t take you more than a couple of hours to digest.

What I love about this course is that Philip is ridiculously in-depth.

He will literally show you every single step of what you have to do.

As an example, he will often show his computer screen and his phone at the same time, like this:

This makes it very easy to follow the training and simply set things up as he does it himself.

I won’t go through exactly what he teaches in each module of course, but I will say this:

If you purchase this course and don’t make money, it’s because you’re not doing what Philip is telling you to do.

Simple as that.

You will learn absolutely everything that you need to know in order to get a ton of traffic from both Instagram and TikTok.

Every single step that you need to take, is explained in a very easy to understand way.

From simply setting up your accounts, to coming up with a username, to figuring out what kind of content to post (note: You do NOT need to be creative at all, Philip will you show you how to come up with infinite ideas for coming up with content that has a very high chance of going viral, which means you can get a bunch of leads and sales) – literally everything is taught in here.

Not only will you learn exactly how to record your videos (that vary in length between typically speaking 7 to 15 seconds, literally) but you will also get scripts where you will learn some great sales tactics for you to use when people DM you on Instagram.

These are tactics/scripts that Philip has paid multiple 5 figures to learn.

As if that’s not enough, the in my opinion most badass module in the course:

Influencer marketing

In this module you’ll learn how to go from $10-$30k/month using the completely free ways of getting traffic, to $100k+/month very quickly.

Philip paid $72,000 to learn about the things that he is teaching you in this module.

So what is Influencer marketing, and how can it be so incredibly powerful?

In short:

You will learn how to contact huge Instagram pages (we’re talking 50k+ to even several millions of followers) and how to then get them to advertise the product that you are promoting.

Philip himself makes over $400,000 per month in profit doing this, and the ROI is apparently at least 10x.
(This means that for each $1000 he spends on influencer marketing, he gets $10,000+ back.
Obviously it is not a guarantee that you will get a similar return, but these are the numbers that Philip have been seeing for quite some time now)

I have never heard of a traffic source that generates a return like that, so this is just pure insanity and something that I am incredibly excited to get going with myself.

In fact, this module alone was so exciting to me that I ended up buying Philip’s 1-on-1 coaching for $10,000 to learn even more:

Anyway, that’s irrelevant in this review but if you do have any questions about the $10k mastermind itself, let me know and i’ll happily answer your questions.

The only reason I even mentioned it is to show you that i’m fully invested into Philip’s training myself.

That takes me to the second last section of this review:

What will you be selling in order to make 4 figure commissions?

As mentioned briefly at the beginning of the review, I mentioned that you can sell 7 Figure Accelerator itself if you want.

The reason that this is what most people are doing is because pretty much everything is completely done for them.

Philip’s team will clone the whole funnel he is using himself and plug in your affiliate link instead.

You will literally be using the exact same funnel that Philip is using himself to make $500,000+/month from.

This is by far the easiest and fastest way to get started, however, I am using these methods to promote my own product.

The reason that i’m choosing to promote my own product instead of Philip’s is because I already have a high ticket product myself, and it will simply make me more money to promote my own product.

If you don’t already have your own high ticket product however I would highly recommend that you simply pick the fastest and easiest option, which as I said is to simply promote 7 Figure Accelerator itself.

If you have another high ticket product in mind that you would prefer to promote instead, you can fairly easily do that instead, it’s completely up to you.

With that said, if you decide to promote Philip’s product you can literally start making thousands of dollars per month within the next couple of days seeing as all you really have to do is make some 7-15 second videos and upload to Instagram and TikTok.

Okay, one last thing, and this is huge.

My bonus if you decide to purchase 7 Figure Accelerator from this website:

I’m going to give you full access to my product Hyperion which is currently selling for $1497.

In it, you will get access to a “bot” that can make you hundreds to even thousands of dollars per day on 99% autopilot once it’s setup (the setup itself takes 30 minutes, then you have to click a few buttons a couple of times)

Here’s an example of much it made between Jan 9 – Jan 20 (two weeks)

I have spent well over $20,000 to get this bot to where it currently is, and I include full training on how to use it.

This has been my main focus for the last 12 months, and it will continue to be my main focus until the day I retire.

Also, no, you DO NOT need a ton of money in order to get results like you can see above.

The above results were achieved on a $200,000 account.

Now, relax.

I know what you’re thinking:

“OMG Jonas I don’t have $200,000, are you crazy?!”

Here’s the thing:

Inside of Hyperion I will show you how you can get a $200,000 account..for less than $1,000.

You can also never end up owing any money, even if you end up actually losing money.

I know this sounds weird and way too good to be true, you’re just going to have to trust me on this one.

If you purchase 7 Figure Accelerator from this page, simply send me an email and i’ll give you full access to the bot and all the training you need, it will all be explained in there.

Please note that I cannot guarantee any earnings whatsoever from this, i’m simply showing you exactly what i’m doing myself to make a lot of money on autopilot with it.

(Oh and, no, Hyperion is not the product that i’m promoting using influencer marketing and other methods taught inside of Philip’s course but it is a similar bot, the difference is that what i’m promoting is a complete DFY system)

Anyway, that wraps up my 7 Figure Accelerator review.

If you think that this sounds like a course for you and you would like to get my bot that can quite easily make you an extra $5000+/month, all that is left is to purchase the program from the link at the very bottom of this page, the big shiny “Buy now” button.

However, in order to get my bonus, I have to get credit for the sale.

In order to make sure that happens, when you are at the checkout page, simply make sure you see my name at the bottom by hovering your mouse over the little dude towards the bottom center, as shown in this picture:

If it doesn’t say JonasLindgren there, click the buy button again and it should show up.

Speaking of the buy button, here it is:

If you have any questions about 7 Figure Accelerator, my bonus or anything else, leave a comment or send an email to jonaslindgrenbusiness(at)gmail.com (replace (at) with @)

Thank you so much for reading my review, I hope it helped you make a decision whether you want to buy 7 Figure Accelerator or not.

/Jonas Lindgren

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