Uduala Review

Uduala review

Hey everyone, my name is Jonas Lindgren.
Keep reading my Uduala review to find out what it’s all about.

In my Uduala review i’m going to show you everything you need want to know about this before making a purchase. At the bottom of this page i’ll also show you the awesome bonuses that you’ll get if you pick this up through this page.

If you prefer to watch a video rather than reading, you can do that here:

If you’d rather read, then keep scrolling!

I am an actual member, so I know how it works and i’ll do my best to explain it to you.

First of all, let’s take a look at the sales page headline for Uduala:

Uduala review

Uduala review

Now, to be completely honest, my BS detector went off immediately as I saw this headline.

$107,000 in sales in 12 days, in less than 10 minutes per day?

Even though there’s a video further down on the page that shows one of the vendors logging in to their Shopify store, i’m not 100% convinced they’re using the ads/products that you’ll find inside of Uduala.

If you do decide to pick this up (there’s a link to the sales page at the bottom of this review, just after I mention some really cool bonuses) please don’t expect results like this.

Can this help you make money with eCom? Absolutely, I just don’t want you to expect to have a five figure month next month because it’s pretty unlikely.

With that being said, I was still intrigued by this.

One of the most difficult aspects of eCom is actually finding a product that people want, and from what I could see from the demo video, it looked like they had some cool products in there.

So I decided to try it out, and here’s what I found out..

Members area layout:

Uduala review

Uduala review

It’s a clean looking interface on the members area in my opinion, that looks a lot like Shopify.

It’s very easy to navigate.

On the left, you’ll see various categories.
When you click one of them, you’ll see some products.

As you can see on the picture above, you can also filter products so that you can sort them with the highest profit margin etc showing up first.

If you click a product, here’s what happens:

Uduala review

Uduala review

As you can see in this picture, again, it looks a lot like the Shopify interface.

You get a description that you can use right away (although you may want to re-write it slightly, some letters are capitalized in the wrong way and aren’t fantastic perhaps, but it’s an easy fix)

You also get images that are ready to use.
And..you can get all above imported to your store in just seconds, with the click of a button.
(The one that says “post to Shopify” or WooCommerce if you’re using that)

You also get to see the recommended ad targeting, which is what makes Uduala a done for you product:

Uduala review

Uduala review

For this specific product, I would probably add in Guardians Of The Galaxy as an interest or something like that, to get the audience more narrowed down.

I’m by no means a Facebook ads expert however, all though I have sold eCom products for $50,000+.

In short though, that’s what Uduala is all about. They upload products that are supposed to work really well (I can totally see the Groot plant selling like crazy. Let’s be honest, it looks awesome)

You get the ad copy, the images, the targeting..and..well, yeah, everything you need to setup a Facebook ad.

One thing I would like to mention however, before you get started:

It’s always a good idea to split test things.

I have a feeling Uduala is going to sell really well, so there’s going to be a lot of people buying it and also testing the same products that you can find.

How will stand out from other people trying the exact same thing?

You get inspiration from the ad copy provided, but you don’t copy it fully.
You take a look at the targeting they suggest, but you add/tweak things slightly.

Most people will not be doing that, so if you do, you have a much better chance of getting a bunch of sales!

Final verdict: I think this is pretty neat. I wouldn’t expect to make as much money as they claim on the sales page, but I can absolutely see this being a huge time saver for people interested in eCom.

One thing you may want to double check before you start running ads to these products is to make sure you’re not selling anything copyrighted.

Almost all products you’ll see in Uduala are generic, but the Groot plant for example, i’m not 100% sure if that’s okay to sell.

It’s listed under “Creative Baby Flower Pot” so if you were to list it the same way it’s probably fine but i’m not a lawyer, so please be careful if you choose to run ads to products that might be copyrighted.

Let’s take a quick look at the upsells and my bonuses:

I don’t have any information about the upsells at all unfortunately, besides what you can see above.
Take a look at the sales page and if you like what you see, get it, if not, skip it!


Uduala bonuses

I will also show you the exact eCom product that I personally sold thousands of copies off, which generated over $50,000 in revenue in around one month.

I’ll also show you a genius way of ranking a website super quickly (I got my website ranked for the search term I was going after in around 20 minutes) that will get you a bunch more sales to all products in your ecom store.

It’s a really smart method that i’ve never seen anyone else use.

If you want to pick it up + get my bonuses, you can do that here:

Thanks for reading my Uduala review I hope you liked it.

/Jonas (Learn more about me here)

Final score: [yasr_overall_rating]
Uduala bonuses

Jonas Lindgren

Hey, i'm Jonas. I'm 30 years old and I live in Sweden. I've been working online for the last couple of years. I write/record a lot of reviews so feel free to bookmark my homepage and check back every now and then. If you have any questions, send an email to [email protected] (two underscores) and i'll get back to you asap!

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Clay Villanueva - April 29, 2018

Hi Jonas!

Bought this through you. How do I get your bonuses?

Thank you,

Clay 😉

    Jonas Lindgren - April 29, 2018

    Hey Clay! I just sent them to the email you used here 🙂 If you didn’t get them, please give me another email that I can send the bonuses to. You can send an email to [email protected] (two underscores)

    Thanks a lot,


Christopher O. - May 6, 2018

Hi Jonas,
I have an eCom store (www.mymiimii.com) and we are primarily a retailer/wholesaler for plus size ladies intimate apparel.
Would it be possible incorporating this with Uduala in other words instead of me investing in their suggested products, could I apply their FB ads technique etc to my products if I sign up?
Please advise.


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