Welcome to my Super Affiliate System 3.0 review, where i’ll be giving you an in-depth tour of the members area of John Crestani’s product.

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What is Super Affiliate System 3.0?

I have it, so let me show you:

Let’s start from beginning and go through the course, week by week.

Welcome module:

You have to watch all videos in this module which is a little over an hour long in total before you’re allowed to move on to week 1-6.

You might find this a little annoying since you’re probably super excited to get into the main training if you decide to join, but I personally think John made the right move by doing this because what he’s talking about in the welcome module really is a must watch anyway.

Once you’re done watching the obligatory module..the training begins!

Week 1:

This is a big one with lots of videos, most are fairly short however.

Here are the titles of all videos in this module:

Affiliate Marketing Step By Step – 6m 23s

Joining an affiliate network – 4m 36s

Choosing Your Niche – 18m 36s

Finding Clickbank Offers – 11m 27s

Finding Offers on Other Affiliate Networks – 11m 37s

Common Mistakes in Choosing an Offer – 11m 32s

Solo Ads Setup – 12m 42s

Udimi Solo Ads, Other Offers – 10m 26s

Other Solo Ad Providers – 7m 32s

Bryan Biscoe – Why Leverage Solo Ads – 14m 18s

Bryan Biscoe – Researching and Selecting a Solo Ad Provider – 24m 19s

Bryan Biscoe – Tracking and Testing your Solo Ad Campaigns – 21m 38s

Common Setup Mistakes – 22m 6s

Tracking, Testing and Advanced Strategies – 17m

Affiliate Marketing Basics Recap – 6m 23s

If you’ve purchased other internet marketing courses, some of what’s covered in this module you may already know.

I have previously been kind of against solo ads and if you’re the same, definitely watch Bryan Biscoes videos and you might re-think it.

He’s been getting great results with solos for a long time.

With that said, however, i’m still not going to be using solo ads since I find other parts of the Super Affiliate System 3.0 training much more interesting.

Besides that, there’s some training on what affiliate marketing is, along with a few more advanced strategies.

That pretty much sums up week 1, so let’s move on.

Week 2:

While week 2 might sound scary at first with words such as funnels, squeeze, presell etc, don’t worry.

John does a great job at explaining everything, and you really don’t have anything to worry about.

You can do this.

In short, this module will teach you how to set up the necessary pages in order to succeed with Super Affiliate System.

Clickfunnels is what John recommends you use to build your pages, a software created by Russell Brunson.
CF has over 100.000 active users and it’s something i’ve used myself in the past as well.

It works really well, and there are tutorials that will teach you how to set it up in case you ever get stuck.
(it will take you an hour or three to get the hang of it, but once you do, you’ll feel like a pro and you’ll be able to create amazing looking pages with ease!)

The main advantage for you to join ClickFunnels after picking up SAS, is that John shares a bunch of pre-made landing pages that you can literally just copy and paste into your own account so that you don’t have to think about creating your own.

That makes it a lot easier, however, he also shares the html version all of his pages which you can upload to your own website if you want, so it’s not 100% required.

Alright, let’s move on.

Week 3:

These are the titles of the videos in this module:

Search Advertising Welcome Video –  4m 18s

Google Search Ads Setup –  26m 23s

Google Display Ads Setup –  27m 59s

Adwords Conversion Pixel Setup –  9m 54s

Common Google Ads Mistakes –  15m 44s

Advanced Search Tactics: Intent –  16m 2s

Search Marketing Recap –  13m 22s

Week 3 is one of the main reasons that I decided to pick up a copy of Super Affiliate System 3.0

Google Ads.

I’ve heard from a ton of marketers that Google Ads can be insanely powerful, but i’ve never had a clue on how to actually do it.

After having gone through week 3 and listening to John, i’m convinced that I made a great decision.

The training here is very in-depth, and John is going to teach you everything you need to know in order to successfully run ads on Google.

Do not skip this module.

Watch it, then watch it again.

Then take action.

Week 4:

Week 4 is the second reason I decided to join SAS.

I’ve personally uploaded well over 600 videos on YouTube, but i’ve always relied on organic traffic.

I’ve wanted to scale up for a long time, and I had heard that John was the master of YouTube advertising.

After having gone through this module, i’m very pleased with the training.

John goes extremely in-depth into targeting and everything you need to do in order to run ads on YouTube.

I learnt an absolute ton here, and i’ve already been running a couple profitable campaigns with YouTube Ads since I took action on it.

Week 5:

Here are the titles of the videos in this weeks training:

Social Advertising Course Welcome Video – 8m 46s

Advanced Facebook Advertising with Robbie Blanchard –  28m 21s

Tim Burd Introduction –  2m 37s

Tim, How To Keep Compliant With Facebook –  3m 49s

Advanced Social Advertising Tactics –  20m 29s

Social Advertising Recap –  28m 53s

Facebook ads..love em or hate em.

In this section, you have guest training from two people, one is the number #1 affiliate on Clickbank, Robbie Blanchard, who got there by using Facebook ads, and the other person is Tim Burd.
(There’s also training from John too)

Robbie makes hundreds of thousands per month running simple ads on Facebook.

This is training you should definitely watch if you’re interested in learning more about FB ads.

Me personally, i’m more into Google/YouTube ads, but I did find this section interesting regardless.

Week 6:

In the final chapter of the main training, things get a bit more advanced.

The training from Brian and Ronnie in here is fantastic though, so even though some of the things they talk about might be a little over your head at the moment, do not miss this.

That concludes the modules, however..we’re not done yet.

There’s still a bit more to cover, but I know you’re probably getting sick of reading now so i’ll make it quick.


You’re getting a lot of cool things inside of the resources section:

Done for you pre-sell pages in a bunch of different niches.
Targeting data (buyer lists that you can upload to Facebook and other traffic sources to create lookalike audiences. Super powerful)
Ad swipes for various traffic sources.

One Last Thing:

On top of all of the training you get, you also get access to weekly webinars that are hosted by SAS Coaches.

John himself will not be coaching you here, if you want live webinars from him, you’ll need to get the $247/month upsell.


I can’t recommend this course enough.

The amount of training you get here is incredible, and the way John teaches things makes it super easy to follow along and actually understand what it is that he is talking about.

You really can’t go wrong here.

There’s a 30 day money back guarantee as well, so if for some strange reason you don’t like the course, you can get your money back.

Oh, one more thing actually.

There’s also a forum on the site where you can ask questions and get help by other members and sometimes John himself.

That’s it!

I really hope you liked my Super Affiliate System 3.0 review.

If you want to buy it, you can do so here:

Have a great day,

Jonas Lindgren.

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