Sixty Minute Flips Review

Sixty Minute Flips Review

Sixty Minute Flips review

Sixty Minute Flips review

Hey it’s Jonas!

I got my hands on Lance Groom’s new product a few days ago, and it’s now time to share my
Sixty Minute Flips review with the world.

If you want to watch my video review instead of reading it, you can watch that below.
Whether you decide to read or watch, make sure you scroll down to the bottom of this page to see the bonuses you’ll get if you choose to pick this up through my link!

Click here to visit the official page and get your copy + my bonuses now!

What IS Sixty Minute Flips?

I have it, and i’m going to show you!

Here’s what the members area looks like:

Sixty Minute Flips review

Sixty Minute Flips review

There’s a total of ten different modules, several modules have more than one video in them.

So what exactly will you learn in Sixty Minute Flips?

I’m not going to go through each video step by step (I kind of do that in my video however, so feel free to watch that if you want a more in-depth overview)

What I will do, is give you a summary:

You’re going to learn exactly how Lance Groom is buying domain names really cheap ($1-$15 on average) and how he’s then selling them for anywhere from $47 all the way up to $700.

It’s a surprisingly simple process and I know for a fact that it works because I co-launched a similar product just a couple weeks ago with Trevor and Bobby called Flipadom, and we’ve received tons of testimonials from people that are selling domains like crazy already.

Just the other day, we got this testimonial:

Sixty Minute Flips review
Axels profit from that sale? $348.03!

Not bad, right?

Now, Lance isn’t going to teach this exact method, but it’s similar and just as easy (if not easier)

What you’ll learn, in short, is this:

How to find high value domains for less than $15, that can be sold for $47-$500+ within just a few hours.
Adding the domains to a hosting account in just a few minutes
How to push domains to a buyer when you’ve sold them (extremely simple)
Setting up a wordpress website (also extremely easy)
How to set up a sales page (note: This isn’t a typical sales page where you need to have thousands of words. You will be creating a very short and simple sales page, and no you don’t have to be a copywriter in order to make this work either.

And finally…

How and where to actually sell the domains.

You’re going to see a ton of proof of Lance doing this himself, so you’ll know for a fact that it works.
(There’s also a ton of proof on the sales page itself)

That’s what you’ll get in Sixty Minute Flips, but you’re also going to get a bonus course from Lance:

This course will teach you everything about Warrior plus, which may or may not (hint: it is) be a part of where you’ll be selling your domains.

Sixty Minute Flips review – Upsells

OTO 1 – $17

Advanced Case Study by Lance (4 Minute Flip) – plus unfair marketing advantages
(How to get more sales)

OTO 2 – $17

Instant List Building Strategies (How to build lists on WarriorPlus)

OTO 3 – $47

Resell Rights You will get 100% commissions throughout the entire funnel

Those are the only upsells there are. There are no downsells.

Sixty Minute Flips review – Bonuses

Bonus 1: You will learn about an additional method where you can sell domains for $47-$97+ to businesses with nearly zero effort. One of our Flipadom students used that method, here’s the results he got so far:

Extremely powerful method, VERY easy to use..pretty awesome bonus if I say so myself 🙂

Bonus 2: I wasn’t going to do this, but..okay:

I’ll show you how Axel made $348 in profit from listing his domain on Godaddy as well!

What that means for you is this:

Not only will you get access to Lance’s Sixty Minute Flips that is a fantastic course about domain flipping, but you’ll also learn some really cool additional methods.

Combine them all, and you’ll have a very unfair advantage over everyone else.

If this sounds cool and you would like to get a copy + my awesome bonuses, you can get it here:

Thanks for reading or watching my Sixty Minute Flips review I hope you liked it.

/Jonas (click here to contact me if you have any questions)

Final score: [yasr_overall_rating]

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