Hey everyone, welcome to my Profit Maximizers review where i’ll show you everything you need to know about this brand new product, created by Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong.

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What Is Profit Maximizers?

I have it, so i’m going to show you everything that you’ll get if you decide to pick this up, plus some awesome bonuses that i’ve put together for you.

In short: This is one of the most valuable products you could possibly pick up.

What you’re going to get is access to a total of 80 different high quality products, that you can both use for youself, AND give away as bonuses yourself in your affiliate promotions/as a lead magnet.

Now..why on earth would you want that?


Adding bonuses to your promotions WILL increase how many sales you get by a ton, every single time.

I’ve done promos where I haven’t added bonuses..and they’ve all been pretty terrible.

I would get a few sales here and there, but when I started adding bonuses, everything changed for me.

If you want to see how big of a difference it made for me, scroll back up and watch my video because I show some “before and after” results in there.

In short though..it’s massive. You can expect a 2-8% sales conversion rate without bonuses, and 30-60% with.

Okay, so now you might be thinking..

“Well, Jonas, can’t I just use free “PLR” products instead as bonuses, or make my own?”

You can, but it’s not going to work well. You need high quality bonuses, like the ones you’ll get in Profit Maximizers.

If you’re just getting started, it’s also going to be really difficult to know how/what to create as a bonus.

The thing is, the bonuses you’ll get..are previous courses created by top vendors in this industry.

You get access to tons of previous products from Brendan and Jono.

Products that have all cost anywhere from $13-$27.

They’re yours for a stupid low $17 (I told them it was too cheap..they didn’t listen) and you can now also give them away as bonuses yourself, which is absolutely crazy.

Hopefully you realise by now that this is pretty much a product you need to have if you want to make it big.

Let me quickly cover what the upsells and my bonuses are about, then i’ll let you pick it up:

OTO 1: Triple your commissions – $37

High quality training on exactly how to use these bonuses to maximize the profits that you are going to make.

OTO 2: Scarcity ADD (easy conversion boosters) – $47

This is a collection of conversion boosters that will massively increase the profits that you make in any of your promos

OTO 3: Limitless Traffic – $197

Jonas comment:
One of the most valuable upgrades of all time.

Let’s you place a tracking pixel on their websites, so that you can build a massive retargeting list, quickly.

OTO 4: Done For You Bonus Pages (Hosted by Us) – $67

Get monthly campaigns for life. This is a one time payment with no recurring fees whatsoever.


OTO 5: License Rights – $97

100% Commissions on the entire funnel

Jonas comment: Brendan and Jono’s products always convert extremely well,
so if you want to be able to make some nice commissions, this could be worth it.
I explain this one more in my video review, watch that if you’re not sure what this is.


#1 Watch me reveal some insane tricks on how to actually use bonuses for best results
(no one else will show you this)

$47+ real value

#2 Where will you put your bonuses? You don’t want to use the free method taught inside..
let me install Instabuilder for you, a professional landing page builder.

$77 real value

#3 Simple method i’ve used to make $8000+ from using bonuses.
The method is 100% free and once set up the first time (takes 5-10 minutes), it’s 100% copy and paste and will literally take you 10-20 seconds to do on other promos.

$997+ real value

#4 Access to my highest converting bonus pages
Commission gorilla required, unless you pick it up from this page before midnight March 10th, that way i’ll give you instabuilder where you can make very similar pages.

$497+ real value

#5 Coaching from me and Trevor called End Game, for as long as we keep it up
(most likely several more years)
This OTO is only available if you also purchase at least two OTO’s.

$100+ real value

If you think that this sounds good and you would like to pick this up, go ahead and get Profit Maximizers right away:

Thanks for reading my Profit Maximizers review, I hope you liked it.

If you have any questions, send an email to [email protected] (two underscores) and i’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

/Jonas Lindgren

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