NinjaShoppe Review

NinjaShoppe Review

Hey it’s Jonas, welcome to my NinjaShoppe review where i’ll show you exactly how this product works and what kind of cool stuff you can create with it. I have some fantastic bonuses for you as well, mentioned at the bottom of the page!

Before I get started, let me just quickly mention something first.
I typically don’t review these kind of products because to be honest, I usually don’t understand how they work. However, after I saw what I could build using this software I knew I had to take a look at it, and i’m very glad I did. Alright, enough about that. Here’s my in-depth NinjaShoppe review:

If you want to watch my video instead you can do that here (or just keep scrolling if you want to read it) :

Before I show you the members area, let’s take a quick look at what the sales page says:

NinjaShoppe review

NinjaShoppe review

I’ve seen these kind of headlines before, and they typically don’t live up to the hype.

NinjaShoppe however really is ridiculously easy to use, with that being said, it will take you a bit longer than 60 seconds to have a nice looking store.

I’ll be showing you a demo store further down on this page but for now, let’s take a look at the members area:

NinjaShoppe review

NinjaShoppe review

This is where you make the magic happen.

You will have to connect your Amazon account here, and after that the software will pretty much do all the heavy lifting by itself.

You’ll be able to choose a theme, add sliders to the homepage, add legal pages and pretty much everything else you could possibly want on your store.

Instead of me trying to explain the kind of shop you can make with this, let me show you a picture from a demo shop that is created 100% by NinjaShoppe (shown more in-depth in my video at the top of this page)

NinjaShoppe review

NinjaShoppe review

I actually had to ask Amit, one of the creators of this product, if this shop really was created 100% with the software itself, that’s how great I think it looks.

Seriously. It looks fantastic in my eyes, so if you’ve ever wanted to build a nice store like’re going to love NinjaShoppe.

Not only can you make the store look great, the software will make it easy for you to setup important SEO things, so that you can rank your store on Google as well!

NinjaShoppe review

NinjaShoppe review

Speaking of SEO, one of the bonuses i’ll be giving you if you pick up NinjaShoppe through my link at the bottom of this page, is something that has the potential to make you a lot more money with extremely little extra work.

I’ll show you how to rank tiny websites with just 100-300 words on them, for search terms that you most likely would have never thought of yourself, but that your potential customers are actually searching for.

I’ve done this with some of my previous eCom stores, and I made a pretty decent amount of extra sales.

I don’t think there’s anything else for me to write about now that isn’t already covered in my video, in text or on the sales page (link below), so what i’ll do now is explain the upsells and bonuses I have for you instead!

All The OTO’s

OTO 1 – Ninjashoppe Pro version – $57

Add Top-Selling Products from 2 more top E-Commerce giants EBay & AliExpress and customize their shops in 15 Themes along with Banner Ads on their Affiliate Shops!

1. Stunning 15 (10 MORE) different color themes.
2. Autoresponder integration to collect maximum leads.
3. List building.
4. Add custom user reviews on products.
+ much more!

OTO 2 – Ninjashoppe Enterprise Edition – $97

1. Get traffic from Twitter and LinkedIn.
2. Use 2 image sharing platforms Instagram and Pinterest.
3. Also get instant 4 social backlinks for each product.
4. Display Stunning Banner Ads.
5. Display Ads with Google AdSense.
+ much more

OTO 3 – Reseller rights – $97

Keep 100% of the profits of the funnel if you sell NinjaShoppe yourself as an affiliate.

OTO 4 – Membership with agency license – $27/month

New themes delivered every month + other pretty cool stuff

Jonas Exclusive Bonuses

Bonus 1: I will show you a sneaky trick you most likely have never heard of, for getting more traffic to your eCom store (assuming your store is already getting traffic)

It’s a really clever SEO/keyword trick, you will in most cases rank for the targeted keyword within 20-40 minutes, at the longest (in my experience) it will take 1-2 days. I’ve made pretty decent extra money from this method.

On top of that, i’m also going to give you a complete step by step video ranking course which you can use to rank videos as well, to get even more traffic to your store.

Bonus 2: I’ll show you the exact product I sold for between $15-$20 which generated $50.000+ in 40 days.

If you think this sounds cool and you would like to get NinjaShoppe + my bonuses, you can do that here:

(Use coupon code shoppe21 to save a couple bucks!)

Thank you so much for watching/reading my NinjaShoppe review I hope you liked it.

If you do pick it up from this page and you want to claim your bonuses, simply send an email after you buy it to [email protected] (two underscores) and I will send them as soon as I can!

If you have any questions, let me know in the comment section below or contact me here.

/Jonas Lindgren

Final score: [yasr_overall_rating]

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