Loop-it Review

Loop-it Review

Welcome to a Loop-it review written by an actual member. I will show you the members area, the upsells and everything else you need to know about this product!

Hey, my name is Jonas Lindgren and todays product is one i’ve been looking forward to since I started seeing income proof etc from this. Aidan claims to have had several $100+ days from this..does that seem realistic? Let’s find out. Welcome everyone, to my Loop-it review!

You can watch my video here if you want, or just keep scrolling if you prefer to read:

Also, at the bottom of this page i’m listing some exclusive and HIGHLY relevant bonuses that you’ll get if you decide to pick this up through my link.

What IS Loop-it?

loop-it review

loop-it review

I got it so I can show you.

First of all however, before I show you, let’s see if this is even something that you might be interested in:

Do any of the following apply to you?

1. Do you have a website?
2. Do you have a facebook account?
3. Would you like to make money from free Facebook traffic?

If you answered yes, odds are you’ll like this!

You see, Loop-it is a very simple method, and if you take action it’s pretty much impossible not to make money.

There’s only really 5 steps you have to take..so let me show you the members area and what those steps are:

loop-it review

loop-it review

As you can see above, the five steps are:

1. Build a targeted fb following (Aidan will explain how)
2. Get approval to promote affiliate offers (Aidan will explain how, and one of my bonuses to this course is a video where I show you the “secret script” that will get you approved almost every time)
3. Create a looping video
4. Send traffic to bonus page (explained by Aidan)
5. Make commissions!

Sounds pretty easy, right?

The truth is..it is.

Let’s start from the beginning:

How do you build a targeted fb following, at no cost?

I can’t reveal the exact method in my review of course because that would be giving part of the method away, but I can say it’s really smart, and you will get really targeted followers/friends.

This also works in pretty much any niche out there, so you’re not limited to the mmo niche.

2. Getting approval:

Aidan briefly covers this, but i’ll give you a more in-depth video on as to how to increase your chances of getting approved. If you can’t get approved, this method kind of falls apart..but that’s what my bonus is about, giving you the best possible chance at actually getting approved (i’d say you’ll succeed roughly 8/10 times with my method)

3. Creating a looping video
This is something i’m not willing to explain here because it would give away the method, it’s explained in the course 🙂

4. Bonus page
Very well explained by Aidan, you’ll know how to create high converting bonus pages yourself.
He even builds one in front of you, so you’ll see the exact process.

He is using a software called Commission Gorilla to build his pages, the same software I use.
It’s $37/year and is WELL worth it. You don’t need to get it, but i’d highly recommend you to do so.

5. Make commissions
Well..this one doesn’t really need an explanation.

So how about the claims on the sales page, are they realistic?

loop-it review

loop-it review

Do you have a chance of making money today with the Loop-it method, without spending a dime?

I would say yes, however, not $100+.

Can you get there eventually?

Absolutely, with that being said, this method is pretty inconsistent.

Here’s what I mean:

You could make $100 on your first attempt, do the same thing a few days later, and make $0 or $300.

In short though, yes, you should absolutely be able to make an extra $1000+/month with this method.

That’s it, that’s what you’ll get in the front end!

Let’s talk about upsells:

OTO 1 – $37 Done For You Loop-It Campaigns
Jonas comments:
I haven’t seen the sales page so i’m not 100% sure what they are, but I probably wouldn’t get this. It’s better if you start fresh with new campaigns. I might be mistaken though, if it’s new campaigns that are yet to be released that you get access to it could be worth it!

OTO 2 – $47 Advanced Loop-It Tactics
Jonas comments: 
I don’t really know what this is about either, but this sounds more interesting than the first one to me!

OTO 3 – $47 Guaranteed Affiliate Approval
Jonas comments:
No, if you buy this from me i’ll show you how you can get approved most of the time. You don’t need this.

OTO 4 – $97 License rights
Jonas comments: If you want to sell this product yourself and get 100% commissions throughout the funnel this is for you. If not, skip it.

How about some bonuses?

Of course!

Bonus 1 ($27 value) : How I made $11.000+ from posting in Facebook groups.
I’ll show you the exact offer/image/ad copy I used.
Copy and paste my whole campaign!

Bonus 2 ($47 value) : How to get almost guaranteed approval to promote affiliate offers.

Bonus 3 (Invaluable) : How to rank videos on Google/YouTube.
I’ve personally made $35.000+ from this exact method. Now it’s yours.

Thanks for reading/watching my Loop-it review I hope you liked it.

If you think it sounds cool and you want my bonuses as well, you can pick it up here:

In order to claim your bonuses, send an email to [email protected] (two underscores) after your purchase and i’ll send them over!

You DO need to click on MY link and give me the affiliate credit in order to get the bonuses – so make sure my link is the last you clicked.

/Jonas Lindgren (more about me)

Any questions, let me know!

Final rating: [yasr_overall_rating]

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