Hey it’s Jonas!

I just recorded a video where I go through a super simple method of setting up a 99% passive income stream, using free Facebook traffic.
(There will be some costs associated with this method however, but very little and you’ll most likely make that money back + way more within a few days)

First of all, this video explains it all:

In short, here’s how this method works:

Reach out to group admins of big Facebook groups
Ask them if you can pay them a small amount of money in exchange for a pinned post in their group (the price will vary depending on how big the group is, but i’d say pay no more than $20-$30 for one week initially, unless it’s a huge group, in that case I would personally be willing to spend more to try it out. If you get fantastic results, keep paying them. If not..stop paying them)

So what will your pinned post say?

It depends on what niche you enter. I would personally stay away from the make money online niche with this method, and do other things.

Health, cooking, love/dating..anything that has products related to it.

Regardless of what niche, it will be a short post, with a link that leads to your landing page.

On your landing page, you’ll collect emails, so that you can keep emailing people after they opt in.

Then, you send them to affiliate offers and make money on near autopilot.

Watch the video to hear a more in-depth explanation of the whole method.

Enjoy making some passive income online 🙂


PS: If you have any questions, let me know.

My email is [email protected] (two underscores)

I’ll reply as soon as I can, but for now, take action on this.

There’s massive potential here, and it’s super easy to set up.

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