Fuego Breakout review

Fuego Breakout Review

Fuego Breakout review
Fuego Breakout review

Welcome to my Fuego Breakout review, where i’ll give you an in-depth look into what Jono and Brendan’s new product is all about.

If you’d prefer to watch my video instead of reading, you can watch my video review below.
If you want to read, keep scrolling but make sure you make it all the way to the end so you don’t miss out on my bonuses, which are pretty much must-haves, or you’ll risk destroying your entire business!

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What Is Fuego Breakout About?

I have it, so let me show you!

Fuego Breakout review
Fuego Breakout review


As you can see on the picture above, Fuego Breakout is about getting traffic from Instagram..but with a bit of a twist.

As Jono calls it, you’ll be sending the traffic to a “2.0 version” of ordinary landing pages.

What does he mean by this?

You’ll be placing a “pixel” (explained in the course) on your landing page, which will let you retarget people that have visited your landing page.

Sounds confusing?

It really isn’t.

In short what it means is this:

When you place your pixel on the landing page, it will basically remember the visitor.

You can then run ads very cheap to these visitors.

This traffic converts very well, because it consists of visitors that have already shown interest in your product, but for whatever reason didn’t make a purchase at the time.

Retargeting is a very simple yet a highly effective way of getting sales, and this is something I would highly encourage you to implement in your business right away if you aren’t already doing this.

So how will you be getting traffic from Instagram?

Through a so called “shoutout”


Fuego Breakout review
Fuego Breakout review

This is when you contact a person who has a big page in the niche you’re in (What’s being taught in the Fuego Breakout is how to succeed with this in the MMO-niche) and have them post a picture or video on your behalf, with a link that goes to your landing page.

Jono is going to show you how to set everything up.

You’ll see how to make a landing page, how to connect your autoresponder, how to get in touch with people on Instagram that can do the shoutouts for you, how much you should pay per shoutout (it’s not a lot) and everything else that you might need to know before you get started with this method.

You’re also, of course, going to see how you can then cheaply retarget the traffic using Google Ads.

This is something that Jono has done extremely successfully for around 6 months now, and he’s made a ridiculous amount of sales from retargeting alone.

To get the chance to learn what he’s doing, for $12.95..is a complete no-brainer in my eyes.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it for the front end of this course, so let me show you the upsells, and then i’ll cover my must have bonuses!

Fuego Breakout Review – Upsells

Upgrade 1 ($37) – “Done For You” Fuego Breakout Funnels Pack

Upgrade 2 ($157) – “Easy Profit System” – This is a “done for you”
business-in-a-box you will love. Simply Copy / Paste.

Upgrade 3 ($197) – Limitless Traffic for 365 Days
What this means is, you get to place your pixel on Brendan and Jono’s sales pages for a full year, and get an absolute ton of traffic that you can retarget anywhere you want.

Highly recommended.

Upgrade 4 ($67) – Breakout Rolodex – This allows you to make money easily with Fuego Breakout. The rolodex directs you to the exact connections you can tap into to make massive profits.

Upgrade 5 ($97) – License Rights – 100% commissions by selling The Fuego Breakout as your own product.

Upgrade 6 ($397) – 52 Weeks Group Coaching

Downsell 6 ($4.95 Trial to $67/Month) – Group coaching trial!

Fuego Breakout Review – Bonuses

Bonus #1: How to prevent getting banned with a stupid simple tweak.

The way that Jono shows you how to set this up, is great..but he forgot to mention one extremely crucial part, that could literally get you banned for life from Google Ads.

Trust me, you do NOT want this to happen to you. My video is only a few minutes long, but explains what you need to do in order to prevent this.

Bonus #2: How to double your Fuego Breakout conversion rate.
Extremely important and also very short video, where I explain one simple thing you can do in order to both help protect your account, plus at the same time double, triple or even quadruple your conversion rate.

Bonus 3: Exclusive live webinar with myself and Trevor.

Bonus 4: This is only if you buy Fuego Breakout + at least one of the upsells. If you do that, you get a free Skype call with myself for 30 minutes!

Bonus 5: Same as above, but you’ll have to buy Fuego Breakout + OTO 2, 3, 5 or 6. (Any oto above $97 will qualify you!) will get you a 60 min Skype call with myself, but you’ll also get lifetime coaching from myself, Trevor and Jono!

If you think this sounds cool and you’d like to get your copy + my must have bonuses, you can get it below:

Thank you for reading or watching my Fuego Breakout review I hope you liked it.

Have a great day,


PS: If you want to learn more about Brendan and Jono’s coaching product that I am now actually in a way a part of, click here

Final score: [yasr_overall_rating]

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