Fast Cash 5 Review

Fast Cash 5 Review

Fast Cash 5 Review

Fast Cash 5 Review

Hey, it’s Jonas!

If you would prefer to watch my Fast Cash 5 review in video format you can do so here:
(if you want to read, keep scrolling. Make sure you read the whole review in that case, because you’re going to want to see mine and Trevor’s awesome bonus bundle!)

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What Is Fast Cash 5?

I have it, so I will show you everything you need to know:

Fast Cash 5 Review

Fast Cash 5 Review

As you can see from the picture above, there’s a total of five different modules.

The person that is going to teach you these methods is named Anthony Mancuso.

He makes a full time living from various SEO techniques, many of them will be taught inside of Fast Cash 5.

Also, he lives in Denmark so if I were to scream he would probably hear me.
(He probably wouldn’t, I live in Sweden, but you know..fairly close!)

Let’s take a closer look at what it is that Anthony will be teaching inside of Fast Cash 5:

High Ticket Launch Jacking
Affiliate Pay Per Call
Craigslist and Gumtree Arbitrage
Authority Review Strategy
Near Me Domination Method

Fast Cash 5 Review – Overview

Module 1: In this video, you’ll see Anthony explain how he managed to make around $1000+ from launch jacking a high ticket product. If I remember correctly, Anthony said each sale was worth around $750 in commission on average, some sales resulted in a little bit less.

He will show you an overview of how to get this up and running, but to completely honest, if you’re just brand new and getting started, the information inside of this video isn’t enough for you to be able to do what Anthony is doing. Lucky for you, me and Trevor have created some bonuses that “complete” this method, making it possible for you to do this.

Module 2: This is one of Anthonys favorite methods, where he makes the bulk of his money from.

Fast Cash 5 Review

What you do is basically find low competition keywords for terms such as “Electricians in Alabama”

You rank a website for that term, and you’ll have a phone number that people can call. This number is going to be tracked to your affiliate id, which means that when someone calls to hire an electrician through your number, you get paid (the lead has to qualify, usually the requirements are that the person has to stay on the phone for 90+ seconds etc)

Anthony will explain the method pretty in-depth, but again, in order to fully understand everything you’re going to want to check out our Fast Cash 5 bonuses.

Module 3: Arbitrage. This is really clever, but i’m not going to explain it any more in-depth than that because it’s a very simple yet genius method.

Module 4: Creating an authority site. This is probably my favorite module in this course, because I know from personal experience it works really, really well. However, this is far from being a fast cash method. This will at least take several months before you start seeing money roll in to your accounts.

Final module: Near me domination. I’ve heard about this before, but to be completely honest I have zero knowledge about this. I know that Anthony is in fact ranking for several keywords like this, so i’m going to assume it works well. I just personally don’t really know anything about it.

In short, you’ll get an overview of how you can rank for keywords such as “electricians near me”

Apparently, a lot of people are searching for keywords like this!

How much will it cost to get up and running with Fast Cash 5? 

Not a whole lot, but you’ll need “the usual stuff” such as a domain name, a hosting account, and some money to spend on backlinks.

How much? If you buy links from the places that i’ll show you in my bonus videos, between $5 and $40 per site I would say.

However, this is an impossible question to answer because it depends on what kind of keywords you’ll be going after etc, so while you might be able to rank one site for a total of $5, another one could cost you $100+.

One last (important) thing before I move on:
Neither one of these methods are ‘fast’ I would say. It will take time before you see results with any of these methods, so if you’re expecting to see sales fly in within the first 24 hours or’ll be disappointed.

Fast Cash 5 Review – Upsells

OTO 1: Done For You Campaigns – $27 – DS $17

Fast Cash 5: Done For You Campaigns gives you ‘done for you’ campaigns that you can use to ‘copy and paste’ your way to money in your pocket.

Note: I haven’t personally gone through this oto, so I can’t say whether it’s good or not.

OTO 2: 3X Your Profits Traffic and Training – $37 – DS $17

This upsell includes additional training that takes everything to the next level. With the additional training and additional traffic methods included in this advanced, step-by-step training, you will be able to 3X your profits with this system.

Note: I haven’t gone through this either, but this sounds cool. If you decide to get it, just like with the other oto’s, get the downsell and save yourself some money.

OTO 3: Reseller Rights – $97 – DS $47

Reseller Rights to the Fast Cash 5 training and the rest of the funnel. It takes just a few minutes to be up and running, and this adds another income stream for making easy cash from the training.

Note: Only get this OTO if you’re interested in selling this course yourself. If you are, you can make a lot from doing so.

Real example:
A person named Andy purchased reseller rights to own of my previous courses.
He ended up making over $1500 in commissions from it. Had he not purchased reseller rights to it, he would have “only” made around $750.

So if you believe you can sell a decent amount of copies, it can 100% be worth it.

Fast Cash 5 Review – Bonuses:

1: You’ll be invited to a private webinar call for FC5 buyers only, where myself and Trevor will be revealing some of our own methods for bringing in cash fast, and we’ll also have a q&a session where you can ask us any questions you might have.

2: I will teach you how I rank videos at the top of YouTube, and websites at the top of Google.

3: The Super Affiliate Mojito
In this super stupid and very non-serious video, you’ll see myself make a mojito while Trevor asks me questions about it. There’s no value here, for some reason we just recorded it. Maybe you’ll find it funny. Maybe you won’t!

4: A previous course released by Trevor, Paul and Anthony, that will fill in the gaps very well.
Many of the videos inside of Fast Cash 5 are not in-depth enough, so without this bonus you’d struggle with understanding all parts, especially if you’re a beginner.

If you think that this sounds cool and you would like to get a copy + mine and Trevor’s bonuses, you can get it here:

Thanks for watching or reading my Fast Cash 5 review I hope you liked it.

Have a great day,

Jonas Lindgren (click here if you need to contact me)

Final score: [yasr_overall_rating]

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