Welcome to my Equinox review, where i’ll be giving you an in-depth look into what Brendan and Jono’s new product is about.

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What Is Equinox?

I have it, so let me show you!

In short, what Equinox does is find expired domains inside of the descriptions of YouTube videos.

What that means in plain English, is this:

Someone has a YouTube channel, with videos on it.

In the description of their videos, they’ve had a domain that has been linking to something (most likely a squeeze page or direct linking to an affiliate offer)

For some reason..they’ve let their domain expire.

Maybe they stopped doing YouTube videos..maybe they didn’t even notice the domain expired.

Either way, what it means for you is this:

You can re-register the domain that they previously used..
(will typically cost you $5-$12 on GoDaddy/NameCheap for a 1 year domain subscription)

..And then easily redirect the domain to any page you want!

Here’s the thing:

In 2018, there were over 23 million YouTube channels.

A ton of those channels will have expired links in their descriptions, and that’s what Equinox will find for you.

I decided to test this for myself as soon as I got access, and I found a really cool channel/domain almost immediately.

I’ve hidden the actual channel etc in the pictures below, in my bonus however, i’m showing everything.

Here are some stats of the channel I found:

As you can see here, the channel has just under 100.000 subscribers, a total of almost 11 million views and is getting around 450 views per day.

This channel has their link in almost all of their 600+ videos..or well..their link is now my link 🙂

Here’s what it looked like when I found this channel/domain in Equinox:

Within the first 24 hours of me getting the link and setting up a squeeze page for it, I got 2 leads.

This may not sound like a lot, and to be honest, it isn’t, but let’s look at it this way instead:

Let’s say I get 2 leads per day..for the next couple of years.

That equals to a lot of leads in the fitness niche that i’ll probably be able to make quite a lot from.

With that said, i’m going to split test the squeeze page and also play around with direct linking to various fitness offers and see what works best.

I have no idea how much i’ll end up making from this domain, but I would think a decent amount.

Anyway, that’s Equinox.

Now, let me describe the funnel for you, and then finally my bonuses.

Then i’ll let you go and either pick this up or just move on with your day.

Funnel breakdown:

Equinox FE ($34.97): A brand new software / training solution that you’re going to LOVE.

The software covers 2 crucial points:

1. – Traffic: The software will seek out “Expired Links” (Links That Go To A 404 Page) inside of YouTube that you can easily “Revive” by purchasing the corresponding domain name. You can then re-direct this link anywhere you like (affiliate offer, clickbank, squeeze page, ecom store etc). This enables you to instantly grab traffic from other peoples videos YouTube videos… without creating any videos yourself.

2. – Monetize: The second part of the product includes training showing you how how to turn that traffic into commissions from; clickbank, JVzoo, Warrior Plus and Lead Generation.

Training is included on 3 different “Difficulty” levels showing you how to earn from this traffic… step-by-step.

Upgrade 1 ($47/Quarterly) – “Equinox Pro” The front end of Equinox is limited to 20 searches per day and basic monetization training. The pro version allows you to perform up to 500 searches per day (more than enough) plus comes with detailed “Advanced” monetization training.

They’ve also included their “Galaxy Search” feature which digs even deeper into YouTube to find additional videos that use the same expired domain with multiple variations / page extensions… Allowing you to not just find 1 link, but multiple links. All of which can be re-directed to multiple pages.

Jonas comment: Highly recommended.
It’s addicting to search for domains. This upgrade is well worth it.

Upgrade 2 ($67) – Equinox Wikipedia Version + Case Studies: You can now perform the same “Expired Link” searches not only on YouTube but also on the 5th largest website on the planet… Wikipedia. Equinox Wikipedia version allows you to plug in the Wikipedia site into Equinox, expanding your search by DOUBLE.

The Wikipedia upgrade also comes with 3 case studies showing users how their beta testers used Equinox to make sales… Showing the exact niches, keywords, offers and the exact affiliate networks used.

Jonas comment:
Highly recommended as well since you can find even more domains + see three case studies

Upgrade 3 ($197) –  “Our 1k Commission System”
This lets you promote their coaching program and you get 50% commissions instead of 10%.

Jonas comment: I would probably pass on this one. 
It’s a decent offer, but too expensive.

Upgrade 4 ($297) – “The Ultimate Collection”. A collection of all of Brendan and Jono’s Best Selling Products… Access Over 35 “Deal Of The Day” Products from 2017 to Date.

Jonas comment: I would pass on this. You’ll get information overload.
Skip it.

Upgrade 5 ($197) – Licence Rights to sell “Equinox” as your own product. This product has taken months to develop / create and thousands of dollars have been spent creating all the sales material.
If you buy this upsell you will get 100% commissions on this funnel while Brendan and Jono’s team handle all the support.

Jonas comment: Worth it if you have some experience with selling products.
This funnel converts well, so getting 100% commission is awesome.
If you’re brand new to online marketing though, you can/probably should skip this.

Final chapter of this review, my bonuses:

Bonus #1: How I monetized and setup the 100k channel I found using Equinox!

Bonus #2: Complimentary access to End Game (coaching with me and Trevor) for 2 months!

Bonus #3: Super simple method for coming up with awesome headlines for squeeze pages + get
the squeeze page builder I use myself for less than $10 (normally $67!)

Bonus #4: Don’t listen to Jono when it comes to redirecting domains..my way is better 🙂

That’s it!

If you want to get your own copy of Equinox and my bonuses..

Get them right here:

Thanks for reading or watching my Equinox review, I hope it helped make you a decision whether to get this or not.

Have a great day,

Jonas Lindgren

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