Breakout University Review

Hey everyone, welcome to my review of James Fawcett’s Breakout University.

At the time of me writing this review, it’s been around a month since I joined, so in this review I will be sharing my results from the first month, and I’ll also show you what’s included if you decide to purchase, along with a pretty cool bonus!

Before we move on, I want to show you that I’m actually a paying member of this course, I didn’t get review access or anything like that:

What Is Breakout University?

This is James’s flagship course, where he reveals everything he’s doing to make $1000-$2000+/day as an affiliate.

There’s a lot of videos and a lot of content in here which I personally love, it really shows that James went all-in when he created this.

I’m not going to go through every single module here, but I actually did pretty much do that in my video review which you can watch here:

I’ll make this more of an overview, since the video covers everything so please watch that if you want to know everything that is included.

I’ll mention what I like the most about the training here, in no particular order:

1) The community!

James Fawcett’s Breakout University is hosted on a platform called Skool, which is fantastic.

There’s a section called Community, where all members can ask questions and help each other out.

James is very active here and will usually answer all questions within a couple of hours, and other members area also super helpful.

2) The way James is teaching

Everything is taught in an over-the-shoulder perspective.

You get to see exactly everything that James is doing.

Most of this is actually done-for-you as well.

You get to see James’s highest converting optin page, his highest converting bridge pages and you even get to see his follow up sequence/the type of emails he writes.

If these terms confuse you, watch the video, I explain what it all means there.

In short:

You can simply copy and paste proven to work and convert pages.

The optin page, you get a so called “share code” for, which literally means you copy some text into your own account and poof, you have the optin page yourself.

Same thing with the bridge page, and, you guessed it, the same thing with the the follow up emails, you can simply copy and paste them into your own autoresponder.

And the cool thing is..that’s pretty much all there is to it.

That’s how James makes thousands per day.

But, you obviously need something to sell, and there’s tons of products you can choose from.

James is offering a commission bump to all Breakout University students, which means that instead of 50% commissions per sale, you get 80%!

Another cool thing James does is that every time that he launches a product (which he usually does once a month) he will send traffic to all Breakout University students for 24 hours, meaning that you simply give James your link, and he will then send traffic to it!

A lot of students have made sales this way, anywhere from $10, all the way up to several hundred dollars depending on if the buyers buy some upsells.

I haven’t personally got any sales from this yet, and this absolutely shouldn’t be a dealbreaker for you on whether you should buy this product or not, but there is a chance you’ll make a couple bucks extra from James himself from this which is cool and very generous of him to literally give away potentially thousands of dollars every month to his students.

Okay Jonas, Have You Made Any Money Yet?

Yes I have!

Here’s the results from my first month:

NOTE: $2,509.71 on the above screenshot is from what I’ve learnt from Breakout University, the remaining roughly $1000 is from other things.

I also made $2,666 from another network during this time:

And finally, I also made $1,084.54 from a third network, Copecart (Only the top payment, May 2024, is from what’s being taught in Breakout University)

Now, full disclosure:

This is NOT all profit, seeing as we are dealing with mostly paid traffic here.

However, I am off to a very good start.

I have currently spent $2,620 on Udimi, $300 on TrafficZest and $575 from some vendors privately.

That’s a total of $3,495 spent.

Total revenue: $2,509.71 from WarriorPlus, $2,666.79 on Explodely and $1,084.54 from CopeCart.

That’s a total of $6,261.04 in revenue.

That means my overall profit my very first month doing this is $6,261.04 – $3,495 = $2,766.04 profit

In my eyes, that’s pretty incredible.

Not only did I make a profit of almost $3000, but I also managed to get a bit over 2000 fresh leads into my GetResponse account.

Now what I REALLY love about this is the fact that once everything is setup, it’s pretty much passive.

The only thing you have to do once everything is up and running is to keep buying traffic an sending out emails.

You don’t have to make videos.
You don’t really even have to write the emails themselves since James will teach you how he gets Chat GPT to do most of the work.

In short, it’s pretty much a matter of copy and pasting once you’ve done the one time setup.

How much money do I need to get started?

At the time of me writing this review, Breakout University is $997.

So you need that, obviously.

You will also need money for traffic, however, you definitely don’t have to spend $3000+ your first month.

In fact, James says that $200/month is all you really need, and then shows you the smartest way to re-invest when you start getting sales.

On top of that, you will need a few tools, but they are cheap.

You can choose between getting (they have a free plan) or ClickFunnels ($97/month if I remember correctly)

You will also need a tracking tool called OptinDojo which is $37/month, and finally an autoresponder such as Aweber.
I think you can send out emails from Systeme for free as well however, but I do think there are some limitations.

So all in all, you will need around $1250 to get started.

$997 + $37/month for OptinDojo + probably an Autoresponder which is around $20/month, and then traffic on top of that.

This might sound steep, but keep in mind that I managed to make almost $3,000 in profit my first month.

From here on out, I’m going to keep buying traffic and re-invest pretty much every single dollar until I get to $10,000+/month in profit, which I will hopefully reach within a few months.

Overall, Breakout University has been great so far, and the fact that you can easily get in touch with James through the community section on Skool is fantastic.

There’s also weekly live webinars every Tuesday at 11:00 am EST where you can get your questions answered live.

Okay, that’s going to conclude my review, I do go a little bit more in-depth into each module in my video review so you can watch that if you want to know more.

And since you’re here, I’ll give you a pretty sweet bonus in case you decide to pick up Breakout University from this page.


I’ll give you a BIG commission bump on the offer that I am promoting myself. Affiliates normally get 50% commissions, you’ll get 80%!

If you have any questions, send an email to jonaslindgrenbusiness(at) (replace (at) with @) and I’ll get back to you!

If you want to pick up Breakout University, you can do that here:

Thanks for reading or watching my review of James Fawcett’s Breakout University, I hope you liked it.


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