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How to: 0-1m in 3 years with one method

Hey it’s Jonas,

Did you know that Brendan went from zero to 1m+ in rev in just 3 years, with one stupid simple method?

Sounds pretty crazy, right?

Well, it’s true.

He’s made over 4m+ in the last couple of years, but over 1m comes from the method I’m about to show you right now.

This is the real secret to ‘making it’ online

In short:

This is what you should focus on

I (Jonas) have personally made well over 20k using this method in the last couple of months.

I’m from Sweden, with an accent, and my English is not me, if I can do it, so can you.

Have an awesome day,

Brendan, Jono & Jonas

You’re focusing on the wrong things


Let’s be honest, getting started in this space can be tricky.

How do you get started?
Who should you listen to?

Most ‘gurus’ will tell you to find high converting products that cost 10-20, and promote them as an affiliate.

Both myself (Jonas), Brendan and Jono kind of disagree however.

Don’t get me wrong, that absolutely works and we’ve made a combined high six figures doing this ourselves, however..there’s another way.

Brendan and Jono have used it for a couple years, and it works ridiculously well.

What am I talking about?

This little golden nugget right here

Take a look and let us know what you think.

Have a great day,

/Brendan, Jono, Jonas

This is it


This is the last email you’ll get about The Lost Code.

Quick recap:

What Brendan is teaching inside of The Lost Code is the exact method he has used to do over 1m in the last 3 years. He’s currently doing around 50-150k/mo from it.

Can you get to the same, let’s be honest, completely insane numbers?

Yes, you can.

It will most likely take you quite some time until you get to that level, but the truth is, Brendan has no unfair advantage over you.

He’s a normal guy in his early thirties. He likes to play video games and travel..

..and in his spare time, he makes 50k+ from using the method that you can get your hands on immediately.

Last chance to get The Lost Code

Have a great day,

Brendan, Jono, Jonas

From beginner to super affiliate overnight


It may be hard to believe, but at one point, Jono Armstrong, now 7 figure marketer, was once a complete beginner.

I’ve known Jono since 2017, when he still struggled really bad.

Back then, Jono would get super excited whenever he made 10-20.

Then out of nowhere, he went from pretty much just that, 10-20/day, to 100..then 200..then 400..then 1000+ on a regular basis.

Within a few days, Jono’s whole world changed.

And it was all thanks to this

Have a great day,

Brendan, Jono, Jonas

Why Jono nearly gave up


Back in 2017, Jono worked as a teacher in Indonesia, and he made roughly 1k/month.

With two sons and a wife..things were tight.

Sure, he was making a sale here and there, but it wasn’t enough to get by.

When I first started talking with Jono in August 2017, he was desperate.

Something had to happen..and it did.

It took a few months for him to figure something out, but when he did..

..he literally went from zero to hero overnight.


Here’s what Jono did – step by step

Take action,

Brendan, Jono, Jonas

Wow. Seriously?

That’s what I said when Jono shared a screenshot of his JVZoo account in January or if it was perhaps February of 2018.

You see, just a few weeks before then..Jono was “a no one” in this industry.

He’d make 10-50 per promo typically.

And then from one month to another, he went from pretty much nothing, to 10k+.

This will wow you as well

So, if you’ve ever asked yourself “How on earth do 7 fig/year marketers do it?”

You now have the answer right there.

Check it out,

Brendan, Jono, Jonas

Jono VS the gurus

A year and half ago, Jono made close to nothing online.

No one knew who he was.

These days, he’s doing 15k+/mo without fail from one specific method alone.


He discovered something that was not only easy, but it got him results stupid fast.

For some strange reason he has decided to share his exact method, step by step, with you.

Jono’s blueprint revealed

Don’t miss out on this,

Brendan, Jono, Jonas

Uh oh..did you forget?


Over the last couple of days we’ve talked a lot about Jono’s secret method that gets him crazy results every time he does it.

You can set it up in just a few minutes (it’s seriously easier than pretty much every other method out there)

With that said..we won’t be emailing you about this anymore after today.

This is it.

Get Jono’s super method (last chance)

Have a great day,

Brendan, Jono, Jonas