The Infinity System Review

$2000-$6000 per month doing close to nothing?

Really, Jono?

I’m sure everyone would agree that this sounds like complete BS.

Honestly, had I not been one of the co-founders of Infinity, i’d have said the same thing.

With that being said:


My name is Jonas, and I created Infinity together with Jono Armstrong.

This is something that I have been working on basically day and night for the last year or so.

My goal ever since I was a child has basically been to find a way to make money while I do nothing at all.

Since I was around 14 years old, there’s only really been a few things I enjoy doing:
I like going to the gym
I like watching Netflix
I like playing video games
I like being with my dogs.

I’m almost 33 now, and there’s only really a few things I enjoy doing:
I like going to the gym
I like watching Netflix
I like playing video games
I like being with my dogs.

As you can see, I am now technically an adult, but i’m horrible at “adulting” and i’m pretty much still 14 years old.

I’m incredibly lazy when it comes to working, which I why I early on realized that I absolutely have to find a way to make money while I can just do what I like, which is basically nothing.

In 2022, I made it happen, and it’s what we proudly call Infinity.

Watch my video review here or scroll down to keep reading:

Let me give you a quick rundown on what happened in 2021, which is ultimately what led to the birth of Infinity.

I was sick and tired of what I was previously doing, which was constantly launching cheap products, and promoting other peoples cheap products in the “make money online” niche.

**Read enough? Click the link below to join:
Click here to join

If you want to watch the video presentation first, you can watch it by clicking here **

After having made roughly 1000 (Yes, literally) reviews of various products, I felt like enough was enough.

I wanted a way out.

When my friend who I knew was making hundreds of thousands of dollars per month from daytrading reached out to me and said he’d teach me, I jumped on it immediately.

I spent the next 6 months trying to learn, and, long story short, I got nowhere.

Here’s how I felt about manual trading:

I would stare at my screen for 6-8 hours per day until I could find a trade to place, and when I thought that I had found a great buy or sell i’d place my trade..only for price to immediately go the other way and make me lose my money.

I didn’t give up, but when a friend of mine then told me that there were so called ‘trading robots’ that could make money, I got interested.

I was very skeptical because this definitely sounded too good to be true, but I was hooked nonetheless.

I ended up buying one, and initially it did well..but eventually I lost my money.

However, at this point I had already seen the potential, and I knew that I could make this work.

So long story short, I spent literally tens of thousands of dollars on building a new robot, and not too long after, I had a robot that was consistently making me money.

Since then, i’ve spent another $20k or so on making it even better, but this is basically the story of how Infinity was born.

Enough about the past, let’s get to the real reason why you’re reading this.

You want to know if this can work for you as well.

So let’s get into it.

What Happens After I Purchase Infinity?

You’ll get access to our members area which looks like this:

There isn’t actually a lot of content in here because as Jono mentions in the video presentation, there isn’t much for you to do.

You just need to purchase a VPS, install the Infinity bot, purchase an evaluation account (or purchase an optional “challenge pass” where pro traders on our team will pass the evaluation for you) and then once you get your funded account, it’s time to make money.

Note: Passing the evaluation yourself, we can’t 100% guarantee that you will pass. We’ve done everything in our power to make sure you do, but we can’t guarantee it.

If you want a guaranteed pass, you’ll have to get the challenge pass.


Does Infinity Actually Work?


Incredibly well.

And yes, it really is nearly 100% passive.

The only things you really have to do after joining Infinity is this:

Step 1) Buy a $200k evaluation account from a prop firm.
(A prop firm is a company that basically lets you trade their capital)
Step 2) Buy a VPS (Around $35/month) and a $200k evaluation account and install the Infinity bot
Step 3) Click a few buttons to get unique settings to use on your evaluation and load it onto the bot.

It will now take 2-4 weeks to pass the evaluation.

(Or buy a challenge pass and we will pass it for you, usually within around 2 weeks)

Step 4) Once you’re passed, either by yourself or through the challenge pass, you are done. You now just have to load settings to use on your funded account and then you can walk away from your computer and only check in every now and then.

After 30 days you’ll be able to withdraw your money. Once you’ve made the first withdrawal, you can typically withdraw your money every 14 days after that.

You can expect to earn 2-4% per month. Sometimes perhaps a bit less, sometimes a bit more.

I know very well that this sounds like complete BS, but i’ve been doing it myself for quite some time now and it absolutely works.

With that being said:

Am I Guaranteed To Make Money With Infinity? 


We’re not allowed to make guarantees, nor would we ever do so anyway because we can’t control the market.

With that said, we have a big team of people that are doing what’s called “backtesting” every single day.

What that means in short is that we are constantly testing different things and ideas in order to find the safest and most profitable way for the bot to trade, and as soon as we discover new things they will be shared with you.

The only thing you will have to do when you receive the settings is click a few buttons.

This is extremely simple since we do the hard work and basically give you everything on a silver platter.

Most months, you can expect to make 2-3% profit. ($4000-$6000 on a $200k account)

Also, the settings that we currently have, most of them haven’t had a single loss in the last 3 months. Some of them haven’t had a losing day in all of 2022 despite the fact that 2022 has been a crazy year.

Here are three examples of three different currencies:
(I meant November 30th, oops!)

As you can see..odds are in your favour.

Even if there is an occasional loss (they will happen every now and then, it’s inevitable) it doesn’t matter.

Most of the time, the loss will be recovered in 4-6 days and then you’re making money again.

However, it’s important that we address this:

What’s The Worst Case Scenario?

If the market decides to just be completely messed up several days/weeks in a row, there is a chance that you could lose your funded account.

For example, on a $200k account you’re typically allowed to lose 10-12% before they close down your account (the exact number varies a bit between all prop firms, but it’s usually around there)

That means that as long as you don’t lose more than $20,000, you will get to keep your account.

But here’s the most important part:

You can never end up actually owing any money.

In the unlikely event that you do lose more than $20k, the only thing that happens is that you will lose access to your account, but that’s it.

You can buy a new account immediately after that. You’ll have to pass it again, but once it’s passed, you’re back on track.

I personally have never lost any of my funded accounts, but I absolutely have seen the market be wild and I have had losing days.

As I said previously however, the losses are usually recovered quickly so these days even if I do wake up and see that I hit a “max daily loss” I just go on with my day, because I know that it will recover quickly.

So I would say this:

Most likely, you’ll only experience occasional losses. That’s it. Your account will recover in a couple of days.

But if the market does decide to be completely crazy..yeah, it’s technically possible to lose the account.

Hope that makes sense.

Final question for now:

Can I Make More Than 2-3% per month?

Yes. Definitely.

However, it’s more risky and it’s not something we recommend if you only have one account anyway.

Once you’re a member of Infinity, there will be opportunities for using more aggressive settings but not right away.
(We don’t mention the riskier approach when you first join, this is something we’ll tell you more about once you’ve been a member for around two months.


During your first month or two inside of Infinity, expect 2-3% per month profit.

After that if you’re willing to risk it for the biscuit, we can talk about a riskier and more aggressive approach.

Here’s what a 200k account can make if you push it “a bit” (read: a lot) harder.

This is December 1 – December 20th:

$38,492 in profit in 20 days.

So yes, making more than 2-3% is certainly possible but again, we won’t let you run an approach like this until you’ve been a member for a while.

Anyway, this review is getting super long now so I’m going to wrap it up.

If Infinity sounds interesting to you and you want in:

If you want to watch the video presentation first, you can watch it by clicking here **

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll get back to you.

You can either comment below, or send an email to jonaslindgrenbusiness(at) (replace the (at) with @) and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

/Jonas Lindgren

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  1. Jonas…..your team passed the tests to for people to get accounts. Is this against their rules? How about trading bots….are these allowed on their platforms?

    1. Hey Chris,

      We have a partnership with a select few firms, who know exactly what we do.

      Trading bots are allowed 🙂

      1. Jonas thanks for getting back to me. The system as you say almost sounds too good to be true….however, if it works and for an extended period of time, you guys are doing your part to help others.

        So you answered the bot question, how about your traders passing the tests for us? These companies know about this? Is it against their rules? Much appreciated….

        1. Yeah, they know we’re passing challenges for people.

          In short, prop firms typically speaking make money from people failing challenges.

          We’ve told them to instead what’s called “a-book” our customers, which means that they will copy our members trades into a real broker.

          So, they’ll make a lot of money as well from our members.

          “Is it against their rules”

          Most prop firms, yes, but as I said, the ones we do work with know exactly what we are doing and they are okay with it 🙂

          1. Hate to bother you with all these questions. I really don't have a question that this program can produce money, it's more that nothing is breaking rules or laws. I'm from the US and am trying to find out the legalities of this program for me. Are the prop firms out of China, and are these forex trading? Trading on a Chinese exchange? Do you know the legalities for American's to use this system? thanks for your time….

          2. Hey Chris,

            There’s definitely nothing illegal about this.

            The prop firms that we are working with are both registered in the US.

            The broker is called EightCap.

            Let me know if you have any other questions!


          3. Jonas, thanks for telling me who you use as a prop firm btw…..I just got a response from EightCap. they emailed me back and said that US citizens are prohibited from using their company for CFD/FX trading (contract for differences and forex.) Help me out here, doesn't seem to be a company I can use as a prop firm??

  2. Hello , just expressing some interest at the moment.

    I'm having trouble trying to understand how all this works?

    When I elect to have either a 100k or 200l evaluation account, do I have to put in either 100k or 200 K ?

    And if I initially go for a 100k account, can I later upgrade to a 200k account ?

    1. Hey Paul!

      No, when you select a 100k or 200k account, you will end up paying between $500-$1000 for the evaluation/challenge.

      Once passed by our traders, you will receive an account that is funded with 100k or 200k depending on what you picked.

      That specific 100k account can not be upgraded into a 200k account, however, you will be able to purchase additional accounts.

      So, you can start with a 100k account and then after you’ve been a member for around 45 days, you’ll be presented with an offer to get more accounts.

      You will then be able to get either another 100k account or a 200k account.

      Hope that helps.


  3. I was about to click the button and buy but you mentioned that pro traders won't be working on the account until the 9th. Is there any incentive to purchase now then?

    1. Hey Kelvin, I’d say the biggest incentive would be that you’ll have plenty of time to buy your accounts and get ready etc, submit it to our team and then they’re ready to roll on Monday!


  4. Hi can I make this work for me with just an Android smartphone or will I need to get a computer?
    Many thanks,

    1. Hey John,

      Unfortunately you do need a computer.

      You’ll barely have to use it except for the initial setup but a few of the steps will require a computer, so if you don’t have a computer I would not purchase Infinity at this point in time.

      Thank you,


  5. Hi again Jonas. Thanks for your last prompt response. I do have other questions that I need to ask though.

    How long have you been doing this product/ service for? And, as a result, how long have your clients been getting consistent positive results from this system? ( What is the longest time ?)

    Sorry to sound conspiratorial and I'm not trying to imply anything untoward but I need to know if the results presented in the promotional videos are one offs or part of a consistent positive pattern of returns
    for clients?

    Does your policy on refunds and the policy that you don't charge a subscription if the return is lower than the subscription come in writing ? ( in fact are all the terms and conditions re your policy between client / business in writing ?)

    Are the terms and conditions subject to variations on your side at any time ?

    What is the situation if the return for one month is just over the subscription by an incremental amount
    (say $1 or up to $50) Do you still charge a subscription ? (in this case the client is out of pocket really)

    Why do you need a human to do the evaluation test when it is A. I . doing the actual trading ? (not trying to be facetious just curious)

    If you have more clients join infinity, will there be an eventual drop in profits over time ?

    One of the principles that Warren Buffet espouses is that you have to understand how an investment works to put in. Now in this case, moving onto your system is an investment for me , so how does the trading lead to money being created? Someone is paying someone else for something. How does it come about that a profit is delivered ?

    And , finally could you please send me a link to the Forbes article about Jono Armstrong. I can't find it so far.

    Please don't take these questions negatively. I just really want to get out of the rutt I'm in and explore other things in life rather than drole , drole , drole then death because I left it all too late. I'm a teacher and I have not got the mental energy or time to put into affiliate marketing or some other business on the side. I need to up my income to get out of this financial quagmire so I can move forward on other things and I need to find something that's going to work.



    I know that this is a business for you, but what exactly is the subscription for ?

    1. Hello Jonas, could you please answer my ,my previous email. Thanks..

      Another issue is —can I cancel if I'm not satisfied. If so , my impression from the video is that I'll be 'blacklisted" This is what Jono says. Is this correct?

      In addition , if ,on the 100k platform, I only make $ 1500, my understanding is that a subscription fee is not due so I keep the $1500. What if I get $ 1501 for one month. I have to pay the subscription fee but I only make $501 for that month. Is this correct?

      I look forward to you reply,



  6. Hey! I would have a question if i buy the cheaper plan and i dont have the money in my account to subscribe is it possibly to get it beacus the presentation said it would be free so what im trying to say is when i give my credit card information and i dont have money will i still get the plan or is it like when i put my info on it it will give me the account and start getting money in a week and with the money it printed it pays the monthly subscribe

    1. Hey Nuutii,

      I think Jono mentions somewhere in the presentation that there is a way to basically get on some kind of payment plan through PayPal, but it’s not something I have any experience with myself.

      Check the video again, and see if that payment plan thing is available in your country 🙂

  7. Hi Jonas

    Great Presentation video. My main concern is the VPS needed to run the bot. What system configuration is needed? Are there any issues if there is an internet or power outage? I am based in Australia. Is there any restriction to getting a prop firm account?

    I am interested in testing a basic account and scaling if profits are made.

    1. Hey James, the VPS we’re using has got a 99.9% uptime.

      I have never in my time of doing this (1+ year) experienced any downtime, so it’s quite unlikely to happen I’d say.

      No issues for anyone in Australia 🙂

  8. Hi Jonos,

    I am not sure you received my email, just got a bunch of questions to help me cross the line.

    Here goes:

    Q) Can I get a prop account when I am from Australia?
    Q) Can the VPS bot sit on both windows 10 and Mac?
    Q) Can 1 bot operate up to 10 accounts on the same pc? (Or do I need 10 Bots?
    Q) Can 10 Bots sit on the same PC to trade 10 different trading accounts?
    Q) Do you have a trading account running successfully for more than 1 year without losses? (Any image you can offer us as proof?)
    Q) If there was a power or internet outage. How does the bot pick up the trade again?

    1. Hey James,

      I thought I replied yesterday, weird!

      1) Yes you can, no problem
      2) The VPS will be windows based, but you can use the VPS from your Mac, that’s what I do 🙂
      3) You can use 1 bot on several prop firm accounts if you choose to get more accounts, sure.
      4) Yeah like I said on question 3, you can trade several accounts from one VPS, that’s fine.
      5) There will be losses every now and then, it’s pretty much inevitable. However, I do have one pair of settings that did $65k in 2022 without a single losing day.
      With that said, there’s no guarantee 2023 will generate the same kind of results. It could start losing several times. So, past results does not guarantee future results etc.

      I’ll upload that picture to this review shortly so you can see it.

      6) I’ve never experienced a power outage myself actually that took place while a trade was running but if it happens, as long as you start the trading terminal again it should pick up where it left of.

      It’s very unlikely that this would happen however, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

  9. Hi Jonas, I sent two other emails. Is there any reason you haven't answered them because I would like you to respond to my enquiries?



  10. Question. It was stated that in a given month if you do not make profits you would NOT have to pay the monthly fee. is that true? If it is and then the next month we do make profits to cover the monthly fee we are not required to also pay the previous month's fee correct?

    1. Hey Lui,

      That is correct.

      If you don’t make enough profits in one month you don’t have to pay the subscription fee that month. If you make enough next month, you will pay for that month. You will not be paying us two payments then, just for that month.

  11. Hello Jonas,

    I have a few questions:

    1) The evaluation payment will be deducted from our first month's profits, correct?

    2) Will we receive guidance on how to set up the VPS once the evaluation is complete?

    3) Does your computer have to be online in order for the VPS to work? Or it works by itself in a cloud?

    Thank you in advance, Jonas

    1. Hey Bob!

      1) You have to pay the evaluation fee separately and upfront unfortunately
      2) Yes absolutely, full training in the members area on how to get the bot installed
      3) Nope, you can turn your own computer off when the VPS and the bot is setup 🙂


        1. Hey Samuel,

          A 200k evaluation is around $950-$1,000. The Challenge pass, should you choose to take that route, is $997.

          1. Thanks. I'm considering the 200k package which costs 2497 for its first payment. Do we have to pay it immediately or can we wait until we made enough profit to cover the cost? Since the evaluation as you or your friend said that it would take 2 weeks or so to get the prop firm approved so to speak

    1. Hey Jeff,

      Apologize about the late reply, completely missed this question.

      A laptop will be just fine 🙂


  12. Hello Jonas

    I have a question I wanna ask first before I subscribe.
    if I'm gonna be making around 3000$ a month why don't you take the subscription fees from the profit I'm going to make?

    1. Hey Murhaf,

      That would absolutely have been the easiest way to do things, unfortunately we can’t do that since we don’t own the so called prop firms, which is where you will be making the money.

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