Hey my name is Jonas,

Welcome to my review of Aurora, Jono’s trading bot.

I will try and make it as in-depth as possible while not overcomplicating things.

Towards the end of this review I will reveal the bonus you’re going to get if you decide to purchase Aurora, trust me, you’re not going to want to miss out on that one.

Anyway, let’s get started!

What Is Aurora?

Aurora is an automated trading bot that trades the forex market, but the goal here isn’t to let the bot run on a ‘real’ account where you deposit your own money, it is to let it trade on something called prop firms and make money that way.

(I will explain what a prop firm/challenge/phase 1&2 is later on in this review in case you have no clue what it is, but in short, it’s almost risk-free money)

Me and my dad have tried Aurora on a couple of $10k prop firm accounts which is what is recommended, and so far it’s looking really good.

They first day my dad tried it he actually hit a max daily loss of around 4% which was a little scary, but on the second day it earned 8% and a few days after that it had passed phase 1.

It continued to pass phase 2 quickly as well, and he got his funded $10k account within around a month all in all which is great.

You can choose the level of risk on your account, if you want to take it fairly slow with less risk of hitting the max daily loss but the whole challenge process will take longer, or be aggressive and hopefully pass within a few days, but with a higher chance of hitting the max daily loss.

My dad and I both opted for a more aggressive approach, and as I said, it worked out well.

With that being said, we could have lost the challenges in case the market decided to be wild so it’s really up to you which approach you want to take.


The bot comes with very extensive training on how to actually use it, and if this is the first time you’re using a forex trading robot you’re about to learn a ton of cool stuff.

Most of the training videos are created by Andro who created the bot, and some are from Jono who is Andro’s business partner.

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What Is A Prop Firm?

A prop firm, in short, is a business who gives capital to traders that can prove that they actually know how to trade, in exchange for a commission cut of the profit you earn.

In order to get access to a so called funded account, which means the account you will make real money on, you have to pass a “challenge” first.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to know a single thing about trading because the bot, in this case Aurora, will do all the work for you.

The challenge usually consists of two phases:

Phase 1: You (the bot) have to earn 8-10% on a demo account in order to pass phase 1 without violating any rules
Phase 2: You (the bot) have to earn 4-5% on a demo account in order to pass phase 2 without violating any rules

Now, are you guaranteed to pass every challenge you take?

No. Absolutely not.

In fact, you can and should expect to fail 30-50% of all the challenges you take.

By now, you’re probably pretty confused.

Here’s a summary of how it’s explained in the members area by Jono:

You’re told to buy a $10k prop firm account every Saturday and set up and have ready for the week ahead.

A $10k prop firm account will cost you roughly $100.

If you pass the challenge, they say you can expect to earn somewhere between $200-$500 per month from each $10k account.

If you fail, the only thing you lose is the fee for the challenge, which as I just mentioned is around $100.

Let me explain this a bit more because it’s important:

If you buy a prop firm challenge and you fail, you will never actually owe any money to the prop firm.

Even if you were to lose every dollar in the account, you won’t owe a single cent, and the reason for this is because the prop firm challenge takes place on a demo account.

This means that worst case scenario is that you simply lose the challenge and your $100, but you’re free to try again for an unlimited amount of times.

Anyway, back to how they explain that it works:

Even if you were to lose every other challenge you purchase, within a few months, you’ll make back those losses and profit on top of that from your funded accounts.


You buy 4x $10k accounts, total cost $400:

Two accounts pass both phases of the challenge and result in you getting two  funded accounts.

The accounts that you pass, you’re going to get the challenge fee ($100) refunded together with your first payout.

The accounts you lose, well, you lose.

So in this example, you spent $400 for four challenges and you passed two and lost two.

This means that you’re currently down $200 (since you get the challenge fee back from the two accounts you passed with your first payout)

So you’re currently down $200, but keep in mind that the two accounts that passed, can now make $200-$500/month on average.

The exact amount you will make will vary every month and it’s literally impossible to say, you could make more or you could make nothing certain months, it depends on the market, but on average, making 2-5% per month is definitely doable.


If you make let’s say $200 after the commission split (the prop firm will typically speaking take around 20% of the profits) in your first month on each account for a total of $400, you’re now up $200.

Assuming you don’t buy any more accounts (which would be a bit dumb) and you make roughly the same amount the next month, you’re now $600 in profit.

Keep doing this and well, you do the math.

However as I said earlier, the goal isn’t to just get one or two accounts, it’s to stack them and to every week buy another account.

Some accounts will pass, others will fail.

But the ones that do pass, will pay for the losing accounts and then some.

While an extra $200-$500 per month  for some people may not sound like a ton of money, keep this in mind:

Most prop firms will allow you get a total of $400k-$600k in funding with them, and there’s a ton of them out there.

If a single $10k account can make you $200+ per month, and you can get literally millions in funding..if you keep stacking accounts, you can definitely make a lot of money from this without really risking much at all.

Once you’ve got 5-10 funded accounts, you’re free to buy bigger accounts from prop firms as well if you want, just be aware that the bigger accounts cost more.

A $200k prop firm account for example will cost you around $1000, so they do not recommend you to buy this initially, stick with $10k accounts and build up your income instead.

But in case you’re curious, here’s how much I made from 200k accounts (I’m playing it pretty safe on this account, definitely low-risk)
Note: The payouts below are made from using my own trading bot before I started using Aurora. I will be using Aurora on most of my accounts going forward.

My dad has got some 200k accounts as well and he’s playing it a little bit less safe, but I would not call his settings high risk, just higher than mine:

What Happens If I Lose My Funded Account?

Nothing, really. You can’t owe any money here either. Even if things were to go horribly wrong and you input the wrong settings and lose every dollar in your funded account, you can never end up owing any money.

You’d simply lose the account and will have to retake the challenge.

This is literally how Aurora works:

Use the bot they give you, buy prop firm challenges, pass on average 50-70% of the accounts, repeat.

For each account you pass you can expect to make $200-$500/month.

How Do I Install The Bot? Is It Complicated?

Installing the bot is easy.

You will need to buy a VPS which is around $25 per month.

A VPS, in short, is a Windows computer that is running 24/7. This is where your bot will basically live.

The bot comes pre-installed on the VPS, so once you’ve bought it you simply login to the VPS and then you login to either your challenge or funded account, load some settings and that’s pretty much it.

Even if you’re terrible with computers you can do this, just watch the over the shoulder training and pause the videos as you go along.

If you need help, they have support ready to assist you and if you feel like you want faster support I believe there was an upsell for around $100/month where you can get live chat support.

Alright, that’s going to wrap up the main part of my review.

Let me explain what my bonus is, should you choose to purchase Aurora from the link on this page.

Remember that I said that you can actually buy prop firm accounts in sizes from $10k all the way up to $100k+, but you’re recommended to stick with $10k for now since you WILL lose challenges, and if you were to buy 100k accounts it could get quite expensive?

Well, 14-20 days or so after you purchase Aurora, a new section is going to unlock and in there you’re going to hear about a guaranteed way to get a funded $100k account.

They have a team of people who will pass the accounts for you, and I’m actually one of them.

You are 100% guaranteed that the account will pass.

The cost for this is $997, and you have to buy the $100k challenge yourself, this is not included.

My bonus, if you buy Aurora from me..is that I’ll pass one $100k challenge for you, for free 🙂

You’ll still have to purchase the challenge yourself, but I’ll waive the $997 fee for passing it.

If you do purchase it from me, send an email to jonaslindgrenbusiness(at)gmail.com (replace (at) with @) and I’ll send you further instructions on how this will work.

Do NOT buy a 100k challenge before you talk to me, because you will not be purchasing the challenge from the firm that is recommended inside of Aurora.

For the challenge passes, we are using other firms.

As I said, message me after you buy Aurora and I’ll let you know exactly what to do from there in order to get my bonus.

Thank you for reading my review of Aurora, hopefully it helped you make a decision on whether it is for you or not.

If you want to buy Aurora, use the discount code AURORA151223 to save $500 (Valid until December 31)

Make sure the url ends with “jonaslindgren” as shown in the picture below if you want my free 100k challenge pass bonus.
If it doesn’t say jonaslindgren in the url when you purchase, I can’t give you the bonus.

Have a great day,